Control system


Software which is helpful In designing visualization systems. Designing a perfect visualization system is not an easy task and requires consideration of many factors.

The ScreenSim.Net recipe to cope with extremely high and complex needs ofdesign to create the visualization system is to use nDesigner of 3D perceptionDeveloped by engineers with vast knowledge and experience in the field of simulation, nDesigner allows you to design and analysis visualization system for any of chosen simulation conditions - existing or being only in the phase ofconception, regardless of the layout and shape of the room, cockpit, etc.

Analysis of the screen, the projection collision detection, and sharpness also the ability to automatically generate the anticipated end result of the visualization are just a few, among the rich set of the nDesigner features.

nDesigner information during the calculation process uses a lot of variables, including its range, among others: the size of an optical eye of the observer, the location points and the type of screen surface. The end result of the calculation are presented in graphical form precise data concerning the level of luminance,resolution and range of visibility.

The software tool, which the nDesigner iscontributes significantly to facilitate andaccelerate the process of creating professional visualization systems - from conception, through the design process to the final implementation.