The MegaWall Series 1000 marks a new approach to system architecture. Designed for flexibility, ease of use and reliability, this real-time hardware image processor and controller offers a unique set of features for visualization systems of all types. Where the traditional approach has been to combine several devices from different suppliers, the Series 1000 can do it in one unit.

The MegaWall Series 1000 is available with over 40 different single-box configuration alternatives, combining a defined number of DVI-I outputs with DVI-I and composite video inputs. And it includes CanvasControlTM, an intuitive and powerful graphic user interface (GUI) with efficient and user-friendly features, allowing output windows to be arranged across a visual display in any manner. Users can load layout presets, create their own, or freely place windows in real time.

All input channels may be displayed as windows on panels, video cubes or projectors. For projected displays the Series 1000 includes overlap generator, image alignment and multi-sided blending for flat screens in addition to output scaling. For details the specification table is located on the reverse side of this datasheet.