Dęblin flight simulator

New flight simulator in Polish Air Force Academy in Dęblin

At the end of 2011 a modern flight simulator with the visualization system made by our company was opened in Dęblin „School of the Eaglets”. Within The project there was built a simulator that gives the impression of real flight. Its main task is an assessment of the suitability of candidates to the school and cadets studying at „School of the Eaglets” and prepare them for training on real helicopters and airplanes.

The simulator is truly multifunctional. It allows to simulate the F-16 flight,  and after exchanging a specially constructed booths it can be used by the candidates for helicopter pilots, flying a virtual W-4 "Głuszec" (Polish for "Capercaillie")It reflects the characteristics of both these machines. With a relatively little cost effort you can expand it by another machine air.

The main component of the system is the simulator which is composed of four components. Flight the simulator equipped with both analog (TS-11) and digital (F-16). The second cab is the helicopters cabin. It also has two versions: analog (W-3 "Sokół"and digital (W-4 "Głuszec").

The simulator is located in a special studio. There is a spherical screen located before him which displays images from several projectors - a view which pilot sees in the real world from his cabin.

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