Recommended projectors

Visualization solution offered by the ScreenSim.Net, have no restrictions in the form of having to use only one or at most a few models of projectors from one manufacturer. This allows that our customers are able to access a dynamically changing projectors market, continuously equipped with a new, more advanced features.

It should be noted that not every projector on the market can be used in conditions requiring the ability to work in real time, and very long cycle between service intervals servicing systems simulation.

The visualization systems put projectors extremely restrictive requirements for a very short delay time, high resolution and extremely high contrast. There is no projector on the market today that meets all these features simultaneously, so in practice, is made of the solutions which are a reasonable compromise between the requirements and market opportunities.

Being aware of the complexity of the factors determining the choice of optimal conditions for the data projector for simulation the ScreenSim.Net team created a list comprising several models of projector manufacturers, with resolutions from minimum 1400 x 1050 to the commonly used 1920 x 1200. The choice of the projector with the statement that guarantees to create a perfect system for given simulation conditions while meeting all customer requirements.