Projection screen is an important element of any visualization system

The ScreenSim.Net Modular System allows us to create immersive planar, curved or spherical Dome Projection Screens of almost any size and configuration. Using various size of elements, durable fiber glass polyester laminate with white gel coat surface  makes it easy to design and manufacture our Dome Screen to fit any customer requirements.

Our most popular screen of 3,3 meters height, 3,3 meter radius and 180° horizontal field of view, 60° vertical field of view fit to the standard military simulators.  However, ScreenSim.Net is able to create every custom solutions for simulation and bespoke display needs from oblong screens for truck training simulators to full spheres for completely  enclosed environment.

The ScreenSim.Net Modular Dome System is designed to be self supporting at smaller sizes is easy deployable and rapidly erected in any internal or external environment . ScreenSim surface is naturally damage resistant and rigid enough to be suitable for long term usage.

ScreenSim.Net Modular Spherical System is available in several standard configurations, or we can custom design and manufacturing to provide customer specification which is required.

Standard Dome Screen panels are shipped in a compact , customized box and can be fully installed within a day. ScreenSim.Net offers full design, shipping  and installation service. Elimination of any visible seams between the panels  can be  achieved with the following methods, depending on the visual fidelity required:

  • Screwing-up the panels and  do nothing extra. Such screen is suitable for many users.
  • Screwing-up the panels and use the included special tape to cover seams, than finish with suitable paint
  • Screwing-up the panels and fill the seams with  the compound supplied by ScreenSim.Net to cover seams, than finish by sanding and painting. Only recommended for permanent installations

ScreenSim.Net supports in an arc beneath a platform or simulator. For example it allows a helicopter crew trainee to see below the craft, or military forward observes to simulate the edge of a valley or building. Also suited to certain semi-permanent amusement or commercial installation.